Syndrome WPW

Fee Baumann 0049 (0) 151 266 46 196

Disease. Curse. Italy. Heavy metal. Bontempi. Destructive introvert, urban epileptic: Syndrome WPW's electronic laptopless show includes tragedy, neurosis and bullets.


Syndrome WPW comes from Lausanne, Switzerland, and has been performing since 2004 in Switzerland, France, Japan, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. He shared the stage with musicians such as dDamage, Dat Politics, Patric Catani, Kap Bambino, Aavikko, Bodenstandig 2000, Otto Von Schirach, Keiji Haino, in places such as the Lausanne Underground Film and music Festival (LUFF), Super-Deluxe in Tokyo, Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Zorba in Paris, Zoo/Usine in Geneva, Fri-Son in Fribourg, Café-Pompier in Bordeaux. Syndrome WPW’s first album, Marek Marek's Murder, has been released by Midinette Records in October 2008. It was mixed by Shapemod, producer from Berlin and also engineer for Peaches and Planningtorock. It contains 14 tracks of electronic analog punk-rock, full of aggressiveness, with a strong affinity for westerns and heavy metal. When performing on stage Syndrome WPW offers a similar energy: far removed from traditional laptop electro live performances, his show looks like nothing else. The audience gets punched in the face, and at the end of the performance the stage is nothing but a heap of ruins.


2008 Midinette All Stars (compilation), CD, Midinette Records
2008 Marek Marek's Murder, CD, Midinette Records
2009 Movie Ruiners (compilation), mp3, Ego Twister Records
2011 Party Ruiners 3 (compilation), vinyl, Ego Twister Records