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Last album "Geriatric Disaster". Released may 2016. Geriatric yourself or die. Hear it very loud.

Other news:  Next tour from 13th of may 2017 to 26th of may over FR, NL, BE and DE. 

  NB: each of us 2 Grrzzz people makes a solo project. One is "Jean-Michelle Tarre" & the other is "Leonard Kotik". We perform them during the Grrzzz tours since more than a year now...

We are a female-male duet from somewhere in France. Irene, also Pimpox, does electronics, keyboards and programming and Pepe plays guitar and screams. We play what we call "industrial punk" by default, since we don't own any other words for it, and, meanwhile, we actually got too many words...We are called GRRZZZ, since we just wanted a nasty SOUND-name to be awake as long as possible, not something to get comfortable on big sofas, being dumb and happy consumers... hope we are reliable to it. We play most of the time in the european alternative scene ( that means anti-commercial, often anarchist and so on ) for 11 years now: this experience is very rich food for our minds. This scene means many locations where, most of the time, in any country ( the ones we know, of course ), a real relationship may happen between us and the people around...ach Jägermeister! A special mention to squatters organizing gigs and other events in their place: this is the heart of the scene! 



- 2002: "un peu de souplesse dans les barbelés" ( approximately meaning "a bit of suppleness
in barbed wires" ). The CD version of this 1st one was issued on Sordide Sentimental, legendary french industrial label.
Its catalogue displayed bands as Throbbing Gristle, Joy Division, Tuxedo Moon, Psychic TV, etc...

- 2006: "Optima ferox" This 2nd record  is issued on Maloka, french anarcho-punk label, with a help from
Bloodshed666 from Wien austria, in its LP version. The CD version, formaly DIY Grrzzz, is on november 08
displayed by Dtrash records,  Canadian weblabel ( Toronto, Ontario ) that displays since 1998 wild electronics
as Schizoid, Faux Pride among others and indus punk as well as Panic DHH, DK Dance, Ambassador 21
and...Grrzzz. Dtrash freedowloading:
- 2010: "Dans le sens du Poil"... LP version issued at Maloka, Sordide Sentimental, Noway Asso ( Nevers FR )
and Karaoke 666 ( Chalon s/Saône FR ). CD version on Groumpf Disques...Since august 2012, freedownlable on

NB:a Grrzzz compilation "Beast of Grrzzz" freedownloadable on

 - 2012: "100 years of showbizness / 100 ans de carrière". 22 bands ( FR, DE, AT, NO ) cover Grrzzz songs.
Yeah amazing! These bands are great. 2 CDs item : for getting it, contact us. Freedownloading now ( sept 12 ) on NKSinternational and soon ( next fall ) on Dtrash rcds. NKS freedownloading:

- 2016: "Geriatric Disaster". LP issued at Maloka, Aredje, Attila Tralala and Nowayasso. CD version on Groumpf Disques... AND audio cassettes at Four4. Downloading at our site and at bandcamp. 



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