Gladbeck City Bombing ...Auf Pump!

The glamorous-dirty-electric-wave-punk band from the queer underground is:
Carla Interceptor, Schieres and the performing bonbons Büro & Lola Phroaig.

And now you can also be a part of it...
The next project of GCB already startet! In 2012 they will release a 12" LP. For realizing this, they need you! And that's the deal:

You are buying the LP now! For the price of 10€, you'll get the chance to design 2 x 2 centimeters of the 12" cover. Paint a picture, make a photo of yourself or your grandparents or whatever... and send it as a jpeg or tiff to:

Next year you'll get your LP on their release shows.
For more information send us an e-mail to:
info(at) or aufpump(at)

GCB's release tour will be in september 2012. Booking requests now!

Further information, presskit, videos and music:
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